Programs4Media (P4M), Film Distribution

The independent feature film market is an incredibly active and buoyant one. Major Studio feature film production has dropped significantly over the last five years and had seen a concentration on the “Blockbuster” titles. This trend has opened the door to a vibrant independent sector of producers and distributors.

At the same time, Central and Eastern Europe has seen a massive growth in cinema capacity with new screens opening all the time often within massively popular shopping centre complexes.

The theatres require a regularly changing line-up of films and it is now increasingly down to the independent sector to deliver this.

Programs4Media attend all the major film markets (Cannes, AFM and Berlin) and work throughout the year with top producers and distributors to acquire films which we believe will match the taste of the cinema-going audiences in our varied territories.

Our aim is to release between six and eight films per year. Following a theatrical run, appropriate films will receive a limited release through Home Entertainment and then or shortly thereafter on local VOD platforms. Ultimately it is through a film’s final and longest phase, TV (both Pay and Free), where the mass audiences are still to be found.